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Request Form to Become a Partner

With our mission focused on fundraising through social events for our members, the Bears of South Florida welcome partnerships with other organizations to help maximize the impact of our events.  Some examples of what a partner can bring to the table include:

  • providing a location for an activity (i.e. pool party, movie showing, membership meeting, happy hour “meet-up”)
  • offering a discount on goods or services that will help us attract members to participate in an event, or to reduce overhead expenses
  • giving the club a percentage of the proceeds from an event
  • helping to promote our organization within the community

Partnerships are extremely important to the Bears of South Florida, but the relationship goes both ways.  We help our partners in return by bringing business to you, either directly at an event or through our promotion of activities to our membership of over 1,800 Bears.  We are always looking for new partners that can help us offer fun and interesting experiences for our members and raise money that we ultimately give back to the local LGBTQ+ community.  Partner with us!  We welcome your ideas

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